(Previously posted on the main page on 11/17/2017) It's the color of the magnificent. Wrapping up in it's blanket makes you feel protected yet still visible, in a warm, reassuring way. It's luxury, but not the kind of luxury people wage wars over. It's better than that. It's the time between sunset and the night, … Continue reading Pourpre

A Single Moment in Time

a single moment in time
soft blue radiance melted down upon your face
as i caught a glimpse of the look in your eye
          my world


sweet rose blossoms perfume that seeps from my heart hold me once embrace me forever tears of delicate powder run down a flushed face look into those eyes see their crystal clear waters lose yourself in them let yourself drown hold your breath as you glide down into love when you reach the bottom take … Continue reading Falling


Light a fire in my soul and breath to me on cold winter nights Velvet cloak embedded with numerous diamond studs Looking up, caressing the night sky with your sanctity Say my name softly with your voice And by doing so, unraveling the stitching of my soul Crystal lakes emerge, gliding down and cleansing my … Continue reading Covered