A Whisper of Forever

I searched for the future in your eyes
and teetering on the edge of the words you whispered I almost fell in
the soft rushing waters in their blue lakes tempted my aching body

but I was scared I was going to drown

and in that moment, when your hand gently took mine
I knew that there was no turning back
all my life melted away before me that very instant
and the only thing that mattered was the smile upon your face

then I knew, without any doubt in my mind, that I was going to hold on to your for life

no matter how strong the wind blew
or how hard the rain fell that tried to dampen my heart
because that burning inside, that longing to be with you, would keep me going

I now had something to live for
and when I looked up again, my vision caught yours, and I realized that this was it

because I had found forever in your eyes


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