Broken Chains

I can’t feel your heart lying against my chest anymore
Rubbing that smooth silver necklace
I always felt like you were there with me
And whenever I needed you, I grabbed that chain

But now that chain has broken

And tonight was the first night that I’ve let myself cry
On my back with my head on the pillow
Tears rolling over my cheeks, dampening my hair

yet salty drops won’t ease the pain

They say that time is the only thing that will heal
But how do you heal such a clichéd broken heart?

Damaged and fragile, and not worth saving
yet you kept me from drowning every time I began to slip
and now I know I have to do it on my own

but my hands still reach for that chain, that comfort

words always fail me at times like these
because my heart and head are too disconnected

I couldn’t love you as much as your deserved
And despite clinging for so long, it was time for both of us to let go

Now my hands are covered with scars
Once soothing, now clenching at my heart pains me
I can’t figure out how to live without you
But I know that I must carry on down that daunting path

I don’t know where life will take me
And it’s terrifying to go it alone
But dragging you along wasn’t fair anymore
I had to release my grasp, and having held on so tight

That I have yet to know where I landed


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