Ever-Present Rhapsody

a warm smell playing along the breeze, inviting a flood of memories,
luring me back
to the moments in life when nothing else existed but that
instant of revelation

about something so perfect, so beautiful, that the picture can never be repainted in my mind

only the feeling that i once knew something so wonderful still exists, haunting my
heart with an immense sense of loss, of love, and of nostalgia
for the stolen glimpse of the mysterious that I will never see again

the vision in front of me a sign of something existing truly greater than myself, than I could ever be

a soft sunset, sliding down the sky, casting onto the light blue canvas
its hues of orange and pink,
only to soon be diluted by the powerful, dark night,

revealing a whole other reality beyond our grasp, so vast, that this moment, this sunset over quietly lapping sapphire blue water, means nothing in the great scheme of the universe… with no affect on the heavens, but striking such an immense part of my soul that the whole cosmos could simply drift away from behind this beautiful scene
and I would know no difference

the clouds would still creep across the sky, leaving behind cotton candy wisps striving to keep up,
their bottoms dipped in the colors of the puddles left by the

the wind would still blow with its sweet melody, teasing the grass, the trees, my hair, my heart

the water, each wave a mirror reflecting the lovely sky above, would still rise and then recede back,
its determination to get past the shore never quite strong enough

the sky would still contain immeasurable beauty, fighting to keep back the stars whose
silvery faces persist on shining through

my eyes would still hurry with urgency to drink in the overflowing
brilliance of this evening

my lungs would still breathe in as much of the breeze as possible, letting it swirl in my chest,
its nectar running through my body


and my heart would still beat with the same passion for life


nothing would change, and an instant later, this moment would be as if it never existed…
a fleeting memory, its images waning yet its emotions still
through my soul


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