sweet rose blossoms
perfume that seeps from my heart
hold me once
embrace me forever
tears of delicate powder
run down a flushed face
look into those eyes
see their crystal clear waters
lose yourself in them
let yourself drown
hold your breath
as you glide down into love
when you reach the bottom
take it’s soft hand into yours
let your fingers mix with it’s
and hold it close
while it takes you through
to another place
another feeling
and fall back into it like it was
a soft bed with satin sheets
rest in that feeling with love right beside you
running its fingers through your flowing hair
wish to never wake up
and live off of your dreams
but when you do arise
do so in the light of the morning sun
let its rays turn your face orange and warm
for a few moments
allow the sun to give you energy from its brightness
feed off of it and feed off of your love
in who’s arms you pass through the boundless day
let love hold you and whisper into your ear
look into your eyes
touch your apple-colored cheeks
and let it wipe away those tears that you had cried earlier
in the time when you weren’t known to your love
have your love next to you when the cold night comes
let it convey all of its heat to you
because it only wants to help you
sit with it under the silver stars of the night
and let it carry you once again into a tranquil rest
depend on your love
let it hold your hand whenever you begin to fall
become one with it
with your love
never look into its face unknowing
look into your love’s vision and swim in its cool refreshing waters
don’t cry soft tears for lack of happiness again
cry them because you are in love

and now you want nothing more






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