untitled piece of my heart

a single beat

the rhythm of my life heard in my ears
yet not embraced in my heart
the warm passionate feeling of seeing the soft hues of pink and purple
in the sunset now escapes me
the warm passionate feeling of love
not of just one single thing, but of everything

I want to be able to rest in twilight’s arms and not
feel the dragging of reality on my weak and tired limbs
I want to sit in his eyes and not feel so betrayed
I want to understand my part; know what is written on my page

And when the wind blows, or the rains pour down upon my face,
know that it is meant
know that in the whole realm of things, it is good
and if I miss a beat I can climb back on the long and rusted track
without questioning why things, people in my life, have been taken from me

know the purpose behind my breath

and trust in that



About Julie Tutwiler

Julie is a pro bono philosopher and proud nerd who is convinced that she was a cat in a past life. She enjoys learning new things and loves curling up with a good Stephen King book. In addition to reading, Julie enjoys Japanese culture, cryptograms, video games, and playing fetch with her Maine Coon cat, Ender. She's been a writer since childhood and is thrilled that she can now make a living doing something that she loves. You can find her work on awesome websites such as GeekSmash.com.

Posted on November 21, 2012, in Creative Writing, Poetry. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I love this piece, it really speaks volumes.

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