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Light a fire in my soul and breath to me on cold winter nights
Velvet cloak embedded with numerous diamond studs
Looking up, caressing the night sky with your sanctity

Say my name softly with your voice
And by doing so, unraveling the stitching of my soul
Crystal lakes emerge, gliding down and cleansing my tangled and defiant self


a single moment in time

a single moment in time
soft blue radiance melted down upon your face

as i caught a glimpse of the look in your eye
my world

the crystal air of night could not touch my frail and tired body
and suddenly i didn’t feel so weak

as your hand gently placed my hair back behind my ear
in a gesture that contained many words
i fell in

the warmth surrounded me
as i laid in your arms my heart beat depended on your every breath

your sweet smell dragged me into the night’s embrace
yet with my eyes closed and sleep overcoming my body
i knew you were there
you held me in your eyes, in your arms
and i felt safe

not a care in the world was upon me as the moonlight streamed down your face
the brutal fire of the morning sun was the farthest thing from my mind
i laid there without moving
in total bliss
basking in your presence
sharing with you
this night
a single moment in time.