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untitled piece of my heart

a single beat

the rhythm of my life heard in my ears
yet not embraced in my heart
the warm passionate feeling of seeing the soft hues of pink and purple
in the sunset now escapes me
the warm passionate feeling of love
not of just one single thing, but of everything

I want to be able to rest in twilight’s arms and not
feel the dragging of reality on my weak and tired limbs
I want to sit in his eyes and not feel so betrayed
I want to understand my part; know what is written on my page

And when the wind blows, or the rains pour down upon my face,
know that it is meant
know that in the whole realm of things, it is good
and if I miss a beat I can climb back on the long and rusted track
without questioning why things, people in my life, have been taken from me

know the purpose behind my breath

and trust in that




sweet rose blossoms
perfume that seeps from my heart
hold me once
embrace me forever
tears of delicate powder
run down a flushed face
look into those eyes
see their crystal clear waters
lose yourself in them
let yourself drown
hold your breath
as you glide down into love
when you reach the bottom
take it’s soft hand into yours
let your fingers mix with it’s
and hold it close
while it takes you through
to another place
another feeling
and fall back into it like it was
a soft bed with satin sheets
rest in that feeling with love right beside you
running its fingers through your flowing hair
wish to never wake up
and live off of your dreams
but when you do arise
do so in the light of the morning sun
let its rays turn your face orange and warm
for a few moments
allow the sun to give you energy from its brightness
feed off of it and feed off of your love
in who’s arms you pass through the boundless day
let love hold you and whisper into your ear
look into your eyes
touch your apple-colored cheeks
and let it wipe away those tears that you had cried earlier
in the time when you weren’t known to your love
have your love next to you when the cold night comes
let it convey all of its heat to you
because it only wants to help you
sit with it under the silver stars of the night
and let it carry you once again into a tranquil rest
depend on your love
let it hold your hand whenever you begin to fall
become one with it
with your love
never look into its face unknowing
look into your love’s vision and swim in its cool refreshing waters
don’t cry soft tears for lack of happiness again
cry them because you are in love

and now you want nothing more





Broken Chains

I can’t feel your heart lying against my chest anymore
Rubbing that smooth silver necklace
I always felt like you were there with me
And whenever I needed you, I grabbed that chain

But now that chain has broken

And tonight was the first night that I’ve let myself cry
On my back with my head on the pillow
Tears rolling over my cheeks, dampening my hair

yet salty drops won’t ease the pain

They say that time is the only thing that will heal
But how do you heal such a clichéd broken heart?

Damaged and fragile, and not worth saving
yet you kept me from drowning every time I began to slip
and now I know I have to do it on my own

but my hands still reach for that chain, that comfort

words always fail me at times like these
because my heart and head are too disconnected

I couldn’t love you as much as your deserved
And despite clinging for so long, it was time for both of us to let go

Now my hands are covered with scars
Once soothing, now clenching at my heart pains me
I can’t figure out how to live without you
But I know that I must carry on down that daunting path

I don’t know where life will take me
And it’s terrifying to go it alone
But dragging you along wasn’t fair anymore
I had to release my grasp, and having held on so tight

That I have yet to know where I landed

Ever-Present Rhapsody

a warm smell playing along the breeze, inviting a flood of memories,
luring me back
to the moments in life when nothing else existed but that
instant of revelation

about something so perfect, so beautiful, that the picture can never be repainted in my mind

only the feeling that i once knew something so wonderful still exists, haunting my
heart with an immense sense of loss, of love, and of nostalgia
for the stolen glimpse of the mysterious that I will never see again

the vision in front of me a sign of something existing truly greater than myself, than I could ever be

a soft sunset, sliding down the sky, casting onto the light blue canvas
its hues of orange and pink,
only to soon be diluted by the powerful, dark night,

revealing a whole other reality beyond our grasp, so vast, that this moment, this sunset over quietly lapping sapphire blue water, means nothing in the great scheme of the universe… with no affect on the heavens, but striking such an immense part of my soul that the whole cosmos could simply drift away from behind this beautiful scene
and I would know no difference

the clouds would still creep across the sky, leaving behind cotton candy wisps striving to keep up,
their bottoms dipped in the colors of the puddles left by the

the wind would still blow with its sweet melody, teasing the grass, the trees, my hair, my heart

the water, each wave a mirror reflecting the lovely sky above, would still rise and then recede back,
its determination to get past the shore never quite strong enough

the sky would still contain immeasurable beauty, fighting to keep back the stars whose
silvery faces persist on shining through

my eyes would still hurry with urgency to drink in the overflowing
brilliance of this evening

my lungs would still breathe in as much of the breeze as possible, letting it swirl in my chest,
its nectar running through my body


and my heart would still beat with the same passion for life


nothing would change, and an instant later, this moment would be as if it never existed…
a fleeting memory, its images waning yet its emotions still
through my soul

A Whisper of Forever

I searched for the future in your eyes
and teetering on the edge of the words you whispered I almost fell in
the soft rushing waters in their blue lakes tempted my aching body

but I was scared I was going to drown

and in that moment, when your hand gently took mine
I knew that there was no turning back
all my life melted away before me that very instant
and the only thing that mattered was the smile upon your face

then I knew, without any doubt in my mind, that I was going to hold on to your for life

no matter how strong the wind blew
or how hard the rain fell that tried to dampen my heart
because that burning inside, that longing to be with you, would keep me going

I now had something to live for
and when I looked up again, my vision caught yours, and I realized that this was it

because I had found forever in your eyes

a single moment in time

a single moment in time
soft blue radiance melted down upon your face

as i caught a glimpse of the look in your eye
my world

the crystal air of night could not touch my frail and tired body
and suddenly i didn’t feel so weak

as your hand gently placed my hair back behind my ear
in a gesture that contained many words
i fell in

the warmth surrounded me
as i laid in your arms my heart beat depended on your every breath

your sweet smell dragged me into the night’s embrace
yet with my eyes closed and sleep overcoming my body
i knew you were there
you held me in your eyes, in your arms
and i felt safe

not a care in the world was upon me as the moonlight streamed down your face
the brutal fire of the morning sun was the farthest thing from my mind
i laid there without moving
in total bliss
basking in your presence
sharing with you
this night
a single moment in time.